Pumpkin Spice is Sweet Heaven


It’s that time of year again where we see fields of pumpkins and families flocking to pick the perfect one to guide Halloween goblins looking for treats.   The air has definitely shifted to fall with some much needed rain in the forecast.  Time to get out those gumboots if you haven’t already!

When those days get blustery, rainy, and cool and you’re running errands, commuting to work, working through the ever growing list of to do’s as you get around town, find some time to just notice, even if only for a few moments, how beautiful this time of year really is.

At Extreme Outreach Society Coffee House, every day is pumpkin spice latte day.  It’s one way we can add some rays of sunshine on the inside out!

Did you know our coffee house is mostly run by volunteers?  We have people from all over the community who come to the coffee shop to serve our supporters the best latte full of kindness and gratitude.

With the seasons of gratitude among us, EOS would like to thank our volunteers for all they do in supporting our cause to help kids in Victoria.  You’re all rockstars (who also make a mean latte!).