Vision & Mission

Extreme Outreach Mission
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Extreme Outreach Society is a
registered not-for-profit organization
located in Victoria, BC Canada


The vision of Extreme Outreach Society is to remove barriers caused by poverty which will result in stronger and healthier communities.


The mission of Extreme Outreach Society is to break the cycle of poverty, homelessness, and addiction. We provide unique free programs and services for disadvantaged children, youth, and their families. Through love and acceptance, we aim to transform communities one life at a time.


  • We believe that child homelessness can be prevented when families are strong.
  • We believe that the cycle of poverty in a community can be broken when the younger generation is taught the importance of serving in their own community.
  • We believe that local churches and businesses should play a role in supporting families in need.
  • We believe that basic needs such as clothing, shelter, and food must be met before a child is able to develop socially, spiritually, and cognitively in a healthy manner.
  • We believe that if a child has a consistent mentor, they will be much more likely to make healthy living choices.
  • We believe that the future of a nation is in the hands of its children. Therefore, healthy kids equal a healthy world.

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