Creative Fundraising Ideas

Have a group that would like to support kids in your community? There’s lots of fun and creative ways to fundraise and enjoy the ripple effects of your generosity in helping build stronger, healthier communities.

Below are some creative ideas that past groups and businesses have held to support the Extreme Outreach mission. Inspired? Contact us Today!

Birthday Party Gifts
This year for your birthday, kids or adults, consider asking for donations for Extreme Outreach instead of gifts! Another option is to have everyone bring a gift for a child that will then be donated to Extreme Outreach for the events where we hand out gifts to at-risk children in Victoria.

Percentage of Sales
Do you own a business or have a skill that involves making items that you sell? Consider donating a percentage of sales from all products or from a select product to Extreme Outreach.

Community Giving Day
If you own a business, host a monthly community giving day where a donation box is displayed and employees present the opportunity to customers to donate to help at-risk kids in their community!

Art Auction 
Why not get a group of local artists together and put on an Art Auction? The proceeds can then go towards your team or individual fundraising goals.

Paint or Craft Night
Consider hosting a paint or craft night. Provide the basic materials or ask everyone to bring their own and then provide snacks and have attendees either pay a flat rate or make a donation towards Extreme Outreach.

Garage Sale
Collect good used items and host a garage sale. Advertise for free on local websites and make it clear that all proceeds will be donated.

Bottle Drive
Collect bottles in your community or partner with a school or other organization to do so!

Car Wash
Work with a local gas station or school to host the car wash.

Movie Night
Host a movie night in your home or at a community hall, school, university, or perhaps
organize a drive-in movie by projecting a movie on the side of a school building. Sell or provide popcorn, juice and other snacks if desired. Be sure to only accept donations for Extreme Outreach, as charging admission to view a film violates copyright laws.

Walk or Run-a-Thon
You could organize a walk or a run that either charges a participation fee or that requires participants to be sponsored by people they know, with funds going towards Extreme Outreach.

Seasonal Sales
Think of items that would make great gifts or snacks for certain seasons and then either partner with a local company to arrange a percentage of sales to be donated to Extreme Outreach, or find a company such as Purdy’s Chocolates to fundraise through. Some examples include chocolate, hanging flower baskets from a local nursery, locally made soaps, etc.

Seasonal Event
You could organize an Easter egg hunt at Easter, a special play at Christmas or a special dinner on Valentine’s Day with all profits going towards Extreme Outreach!

Casual or Jeans Day
Many workplaces have a Casual Friday or Jeans Day weekly. Those wanting to participate bring a small donation for the donation fund!

Fundraise Now via CanadaHelps
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Do you have another idea or something you have tried that is not listed that you would like to suggest to us? Please contact us!