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Creating Memories
That Last a Lifetime

Extreme Adventures include surfing, boating and wilderness field trips – creating memories that last a lifetime. We love to surprise our kids by organizing great new adventures. Many of the kids we reach out to do not have the means to participate in local adventure programs, trips, or organized sports – we are grateful to provide these opportunities.

The only limits to Extreme Adventures are our imaginations!

Our most significant need right now is Monthly Donors, to allow us to plan and budget programs throughout the year. To become a monthly donor or to make a general donation please visit our Ways to Donate page. However, if you have a specific idea for an Extreme Adventure and would like to sponsor it, please contact us!

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Some Extreme Adventures IDEAS

  • Have a boat? Why not take some kids fishing?
  • Play on a sports team? Why not have your team offer a day of sports training camp?
  • Play an instrument? Why not offer lessons for free to a few of our kids?
  • Love hiking? Why not take some older kids on a day trip up a mountain with us?
  • Are you a surf pro? Why not come with us when we teach some of our kids how to surf?
  • Have season tickets? Why not gift some to our kids who haven’t seen one before?
  • Are you a first-aid instructor? Why not hold a free babysitting course so our older kids can get certified?
  • Have an idea? Great! We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today!