Coffee with a Cause

Cup of coffee with cream

There is nothing better than a good cup of coffee as we head into the cooler days of fall. Richly roasted, swirling with your favourite flavours or purist of black.

Combine that glorious cup of joe with helping your local kids in Victoria and you’ve got a match made in heaven!

Our Extreme Outreach Coffee House in View Royal serves up some of the best locally roasted organic coffee in Victoria with all proceeds going to our programs for kids in the community. Now how’s that for coffee with a kick!

We use certified organic coffee beans from the famous Chiapas region of Southern Mexico. Local farmers have come together to produce an outstanding estate quality Arabica coffee. Using sustainable practices, the farmers have taken special care to organically cultivate coffee beans that truly are remarkable in taste, aroma and body. Beans are then shipped directly to our local Vancouver Island roaster who masterfully provides a rich cup of coffee with a cause. This coffee is direct trade thereby supporting and improving the local economy in the Mexican community in which it is produced.

We are passionate about making a lasting difference in our kids. We provide support through weekly BBQ outreach programs that provide over 10,000 meals a year in the heart of subsidized housing in Victoria. Summer camp, outdoor adventures, and just being an ear for families who could use some extra support when times are hard. We are so grateful for our community who share in our vision to make connections, build confidence, and plant seeds of promise early in life.

Who knew a simple cup of coffee could make such an impact! And the best thing is you can share in the cause. Come visit our Coffee House, take some coffee home, or gift some coffee to friends and help us get the word out.

Share the love of coffee and see what ripples you can make in your community.