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SuperKids Camp Needs You

We treasure the growth opportunities that kids summer camp presents; it builds confidence in kids, as they have a chance to sleep out in a cabin, hike awesome trails, take leadership roles in various activities, try new sports, and make new friends.

Unfortunately, not every child in Victoria has the chance to go to camp, as prices often soar way above what is possible for many families to afford. Extreme Outreach’s Superkids Summer Camp attempts to keep costs low by finding a sponsor for every child that attends.

Last year, we welcomed kids from all walks of life, dealing with all sorts of home situations. Camp provides an awesome week of making friends and growing in confidence in a safe and loving environment, as well as a chance to experience the great outdoors. For some, it offers a chance to discover life-saving tools that they learn to apply in their lives.

If you are interested in sponsoring a local child to go to camp, we welcome your support!

Bronze Sponsor – 1 child $200

Silver Sponsor – 2 children $400

Gold sponsor – 3 Children $600

Plantum sponsor – 5 Children $1000

Camp was a place where I could be a kid and not have to worry about what would happen to me the next day. I was safe and that was the feeling I liked the most. Growing up with the BBQs, Superkids, and camp has helped me grow into a stronger person. I was able to see that there was a way to have a normal life without lies and spite but with love and honesty. Now I am 17 years old and I am living a positive life. Every year I try to help out at the camp and try to help and care for these kids who are and were just like me when I was younger. Cliff used to tell me, ‘sometimes you need to be the light that outshines the darkness’ and I strongly believe this is true”  

Former SuperKid

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