Gifts in Kind

Contribute a Product or Service
to Extreme Outreach Society

Gifts and Kind could Include:

  • Gifts of professional or personal services of an individual
  • Gifts by a company of principal product or service
  • Donations of clothes, furniture, home baking, etc
  • Payment for a lottery ticket or other chances to win a prize

Air Miles

Air Miles can help offset travel costs for EOS, and may allow us to cover travel expenses, for children from outlying areas, to attend SuperKids Camp.


Your unused car, boat, RV, motorcycle or any vehicle of value will help continue to fund our ongoing outreach programs. Donation of a vehicle is hassle-free.


We can currently accept land under Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) gifts-in-kind laws, which allow us to provide tax receipts for the fair market value after appropriate appraisal and evaluation.

Considerations for Gifts in Kind

1. Gift is of value to the organization

2. Gifts-In-Kind are NOT ELIGIBLE for a tax receipt. They do not qualify as charitable donations under the Income Tax Act*

*An appropriate appraisal Appraisals for income tax purposes should be made by a qualified appraiser not associated with the donor or Extreme Outreach Society. One or more appraisals to establish the fair market value may be required. Where the value of the gift is $1,000 or less, CRA will generally accept a valuation made by an Extreme Outreach Society development staff member, provided that the staff member is knowledgeable in the field and is qualified to establish the value of the gift. has been made of the fair market value of the gift if over $1000.

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