About our BBQ Outreach Program

Extreme’s BBQ outreach is held at a low-cost housing complex in Victoria that is home to many at-risk children and their families. Extreme Outreach founder, Cliff Power, has been doing the BBQ outreach for 20 years now and it is from his BBQ cart that he has developed many life-long relationships, while inspiring youth to cook and cooperate with each other and to contribute in meaningful ways to their community. The BBQ is full of fun, energy, and happiness as the community gathers together to eat and have fun.

Partner with us! Business Sponsors Make our BBQ’s Possible 

Each BBQ costs $300 to host. This includes buns, hot dogs, condiments, Food Safe equipment, and trailer maintenance. We partner with local businesses who would like to sponsor one or more BBQ’s to help provide a fun experience and a meal to children and their families in the community.

What We Offer in Return

When your company sponsors a BBQ, we place an 8.5″ x 11″ replica of YOUR COMPANY’S LOGO on the back of our famous BBQ cart as it jets around town. We also invite whomever would like to experience a BBQ from your company to come down and serve 300 hot dogs alongside us on the day of your sponsored BBQ!

Our BBQ’s would not be possible without our sponsors. We are deeply grateful for your continued support and encouragement with this valuable community outreach program!


BBQ’s Help To Build Youth Community Leadership!

We have hosted many volunteer groups at our weekly BBQ and Saint Micheal’s University (SMUS) is always ready and willing to lead the way. The BBQ outreach program has trained over 200 students in the past five years and it’s always fun to see the students play with the kids.

“The impact this has had is far reaching for both the students and participants. The students are keen to find ways to help out in the community, and for many of them, they are especially passionate about working with children. The BBQ offers a way to connect with other people in the community, while also helping Extreme Outreach to do their good work.”
~ Laurie Parker, BA, MA, Community Services Coordinator