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Do you love coffee or know people who do? Do you also desire to make a life-changing impact on those in need in your community? By purchasing bagged coffee from Extreme Coffee House, you can enjoy a high-quality, organic, direct trade coffee product and at the same time know that you are making a positive difference. Perfect to enjoy for yourself or to give as a gift!

About Extreme Bagged Coffee

From the famous Chiapas region of Southern Mexico, local farmers have come together to produce an outstanding estate quality Arabica coffee. Using sustainable practices, the farmers have taken special care to organically cultivate coffee beans that truly are remarkable in taste, aroma, and body. This meticulously roasted coffee is delicately balanced offering chocolate overtones with almond undertones. This coffee is fair trade thereby supporting and improving the local economy in the Mexican community in which it is produced.

PricingExtreme Outreach Coffee

  • Espresso (454 grams) $15
  • Ground Coffee, Medium or Dark (454 grams) $14
  • Whole Bean, Medium or Dark (454 grams) $14

To purchase bagged coffee, you can call Extreme Coffee House at 250-384-2064, submit our online contact form, or come in to the Coffee Shop (See Location & Hours).